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10 Piece Christmas Stockings Boots, Mouse Head Cabochons - Kawaii Flatback Decoden Resin (TDK-C1591)

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Includes 10 pieces of small assorted color boots with mickey mouse heads flatback decoden resin cabochons.

Quantity: 10 pieces
Color: Assorted
Material: Resin
Measurements: 15 x 12mm (.59 x .47 inches)

Use these adorable cabochons for Decoden projects.

What is Decoden? This very popular and trending hobby, originated in Japan. The terms "Deco" is short for Decorated, and "Den" is short for "denwa" meaning Phone in Japanese. This DecoDen craze doesn't just stop with phone. Crafters are decorating everything from e-readers, gaming systems, fingernails, home decor and even scrapbooking and card making projects.