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A1 Crystal AB Transparent Clear Glass Round Flat Back Loose Rhinestones - 288-14,400pcs

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These rhinestones are A1 quality which are the highest quality crystals we carry.  They have 16 cuts/facets providing the most brilliance and shine.  

These rhinestones are transparent which means they do not have a gold foil flat back.  The flat back makes for excellent for easy placement to decoden, bling and other craft projects.  These stones will take on the color item which you adhere them to. For best results, use a strong liquid adhesive to ensure permanent adhesion to your designs.

Quantity: 288-14,400 pieces
Color: Crystal Clear AB Transparent
Material: Glass

  • SS10 (approx. 2.7-2.8mm in diameter)
  • SS16 (approx. 3.8-4.0mm in diameter)
  • SS20 (approx. 4.6-4.8mm in diameter)
  • SS30 (approx. 6.3-6.5mm in diameter)

*These are high quality glass stones. Each stone is constructed of Glass, NOT plastic, resin, acrylic, etc.