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Bling Starter Kits: Rhinestone Picker, E6000 Adhesive, Sorting Trays, Glass Rhinestones, Sanding File

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We have created these Bling Starter Kits, which can be tailored to your own technique for applying bling to a project. The kit will include all the essentials we have identified every "blinger" should use for the best results. To complete your kit, simply select the picker/placement tool you are most comfortable working with. 

If you are just beginning your blinging journey, we recommend starting out with the white or yellow wax pencil. As you get more experienced, you can always upgrade your picker/placement tool something else. These and other popular tools can be found in our category of Craft Supplies & Tools.

Each Kit will include the following:

  • Sanding Nail File - important for removing glossy finishes and roughing up surfaces to better hold your adhesive.
  • 5 Sorting Trays (round or triangle) - help to keep your rhinestones and pearls organized while working on your project. Keep your 3mm clear rhinestones separated from the 4mm. Also saves time when cleaning up -- no more separating sizes and colors before placing back in their storage containers.
  • 2 oz. tube of E6000 adhesive - Our favorite and most popular amongst blingers. (NOTE: if you are sensitive to strong odors, we can offer a suitable substitute. Just add a note to us in the box when placing your order.)
  • 1 pack SS16 Clear Glass Rhinestones - same as 3mm. This our bestselling size and works well is almost any project.
  • Rhinestone picker/placement tool of your choice - you can read more about each product when making your choice.