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Let's Get Scoop'd - Mystery GLASS Scoops

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Let's Get Scoop'd - For all the details and to see your scoop get scooped you must be a member of our Blingology 101 Facebook Group.  When scoops become available, we will announce a date and time we will go live to scoop your scoops.

What are Scoops?:

These scoops contain but are not limited to Glass Rhinestones, Glass Pointback Rhinestones, Mixes, Glitter, Cabochons, Alloy Charms, Shoe Laces, Clay Sprinkles, Spikes, Pens, Adhesives, Things to Bling, Blinging Tools & Supplies and so much more.

We offer 2 different size scoops.  We have Small and Large size Scoops.  Each size scoop is a different price.  These prices listed all include shipping.  

Be sure to take advantage of these amazing deals.  Once everything gets scooped that will be it.  Due to the nature of this sale, ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

So Now......Are you ready to get Scoop'd???