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LTO - SS30/6mm Rose Glass Round Flat Back Loose Rhinestones (one-offs) - 288pcs

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PLEASE READ BEFORE BUYING – Blingology is offering this product as a “Factory Second” and may also be referred to as a “One-Off.” If you are not familiar with these terms and/or have never purchased this type of merchandise, we strongly recommend you continue reading this disclaimer.

While this product is suitable for using with a variety of hand-crafted rhinestone/bling projects, it has certain irregularities which preclude it from inclusion with Blingology’s top line glass rhinestones. These irregularities can include, color variations, more or less facets, very slight size difference (+/-) and/or mislabeled packaging. Color variation and mislabeled packaging are obvious irregularities; however, facets and size are virtually unnoticeable.

For the Rhinestone Artist or Blingologist we suggest the following:  If you purchase the rhinestones in this product listing, we recommend you do not attempt to match the same color name on an existing project that were purchased from our “Rhinestones (Non-Hotfix)” section. In other words, you are working on a tumbler and using Blue Hematite in the design and have run out. You buy more Blue Hematite from our Limited Time Offers category, assuming they will match the Blue Hematite stones you have already applied to the tumbler. Don’t assume, they may not be a perfect match.

If you are still unsure, feel free to email us at info@blingology.net. We will be more than happy to assist you in your selection.

These glass round flatback rhinestones have a silver backing, which is excellent for easy placement to decoden, bling and other craft projects. For best results, use a strong liquid adhesive to ensure permanent adhesion to your designs.

Quantity: 288 pieces
Color: Dark Rose
Material: Glass
Size: SS30 (approx. 6.3-6.5mm in diameter)

*These are high quality glass stones. Each stone is constructed of Glass, NOT plastic, resin, acrylic, etc.

*** All LIMITED TIME OFFER items are sold "AS-IS" and ALL SALES FINAL ***