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SS6/2mm Rose Pink Glass Round Flat Back Loose HOTFIX Rhinestones - 1440pcs

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These HOTFIX (aka Hot-Fix or Hot Fix) Rhinestones, made of high quality glass or crystal, require a heat source, like a setting tool, iron or heat press, to activate the glue on the bottom of the flat back. HotFix Rhinestones are mainly recommended for using with fabric, yet we have seen designers and crafters successfully apply HotFix Rhinestones to other mediums such as high heel shoes, phone cases and even jewelry. Also suitable for nail art. 

Quantity: 1440 pieces
Color: Rose
Material: Glass
Size: SS6 (approx. 2mm in diameter)

*These are high quality glass stones. Each stone is constructed of Glass, NOT plastic, resin, acrylic, etc.