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Pearls, these must-have little beauties are the ultimate embellishment for adding elegance to any handicraft project. Flat Back Pearls are the same beautiful, soft pearl design that are typically produced in round beads, only these are designed as a semicircle for easy placement on apparel, footwear, papercrafts, nails or any flat surface. Available in sizes from 2mm to 10mm of a single color, as well as mixed sets of assorted sizes in one color, as well as multi-colors.

Along with the many colors available in our collection of Flat Back Pearls, we also stock pearls an AB (Aurora Borealis) finish. Auroras produce a diffused glow or natural light display in the Earth's sky. With pearls and rhinestones, this glow is better described as an iridescent finish, giving your projects that extra pop. And, while you are browsing, check out our selection of Ombre Pearls, perfect for creating the most trendy designs. Ombre is a stripe of multiple colors graduating from light to dark.

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