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Rhinestones (HotFix)

What is the difference between HotFix and Non-HotFix Rhinestones? That would be application and use.

HotFix (aka Hot-Fix or Hot Fix), made of high quality glass or crystal, require a heat source, like a setting tool, iron or heat press, to activate the glue on the bottom of these flat back rhinestones. HotFix Rhinestones are mainly recommended for using with fabric, yet we have seen designers and crafters successfully apply HotFix Rhinestones to other mediums such as Nail Art, high heel shoes, phone cases and even jewelry. 

Non HotFix Rhinestones, are made of glass, crystal, acrylic or resin with a foil backing, and available in flat back and pointback shapes. Non HotFix are applied using a variety of different adhesives, each formulated for specific materials and uses. Non HotFix are more versatile, as they can be successfully applied to a larger variety of surfaces -- from Nail Art, fabric and leather, plastic, wood, paper, glass, ceramic, metal and so much more.

Whichever product or method you prefer, TheDecoKraft stocks a full range of both. We are confident you will find in our store the right shape and color rhinestones, along with tools and adhesives suitable for your projects.

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