About Us

Formerly, I worked several years in corporate environments assisting executives to successfully grow their businesses. In early 2014, I had an “ah-ha” moment. With a leap of faith I set out to be my own boss and start my own American dream.

I began brainstorming and sharing ideas with my mother. My mother not only possesses a smart business sense, but she’s also an avid crafter and incredibly creative. Each and every project she creates is her own design, truly detailed and personalized – she never ceases to amaze me! So, having her support and inspiration, I never lacked the confidence to open TheDecoKraft.

I first became interested in "Decoden," the worldwide crafting craze of decorating cell phone cases. One form of Decoden is called Kawaii, also known as the pop-culture of cuteness in Japan used to describe items that are cute and childlike. We can thank Sanrio's iconic Hello Kitty, which inspired the release of all Kawaii characters and items made into adorable mini charms and cabochons for Decoden.

Using the Decoden concept and the desire to appeal beyond a kid to teenager demographic, my next "ah-ha" moment came when a friend introduced me to the world of “Bling.” Creating custom designs by decorating everything from phone cases to laptops, to shoes and clothing, to work/office supplies and home decor pieces. Using rhinestones, pearls, glitter, gem-like charms and anything sparkly and shiney to embellish and transform something plain and ordinary into a one-of-a-kind custom designed creation. That was it for me.....I was obsessed!

With my mother’s help, we devised a solid business plan to sell these crafting products we knew there was a demand for. In July 2015, “TheDecoKraft” was born. I began by selling my goods on the usual popular marketplace platforms, until I gained the confidence I had the right product mix and attractive prices.

Almost immediately, I began building a customer base of repeat customers. Then, one day when browsing a customer's repertoire of custom creations, I immediately sensed an opportunity by joining forces with this very talented rhinestone artist.

We spent many months chatting, collaborating and eventually developing a friendship. We quickly realized we both shared an obsession for Bling as a business. Subsequently, we combined our talents to bring “Blingology” to all lovers of home, wedding and fashion accessories and creating one-of-a-kind customized Bling pieces.

Fast forward to now, December 2017. With much business discipline and long working hours, TheDecoKraft has grown exponentially in less than two and a half years. Due to this growth, August 2017 reached a pivotal milestone for TheDecoKraft. 

Realizing higher than ever anticipated sales and more than 10,000 customers, the business could no longer be "home-based." Taking the legal steps to create an official business, TheDecoKraft LLC has moved out of my home and into a commercial space. 

In addition to the move, TheDecoKraft, has expanded beyond selling on Etsy and one website. We are successfully selling on Ebay and Instagram. In December 2017, we are also slated to launch a revamp website for TheDecoKraft, which will feature expanded functionality, ease of navigation and greatly improve the overall shopping experience. 

Because of the growing success of our custom bling accessories, we have opened a separate Etsy shop, Blingology_ATL. We also plan to launch a dedicated website, scheduled for 3Q of 2018 with the domain of www.blingology.net. 

We are so grateful to you, our customers! With your continued support and great reviews, we are looking forward to continued growth. Not only are we working to expand our product lines and maintain our low prices, we are now a supplier for wholesale customers and professional "bling" designers.