Rhinestones-Acrylic Shaped Pointback - Items tagged as "Mixed sets"

Rhinestones-Acrylic Shaped Pointback

Our collection of Acrylic Shaped Pointback Rhinestones are typically larger in size, perfect for adding dimension or a focal piece, making a real impact on your designs. Available in lots of colors and multi-faceted gemstone shapes.

As with all our Rhinestones, we highly recommend using a good quality industrial strength Adhesive to ensure best adhesion to your projects.

Within this collection, we also offer a variety 10mm (4 carat) size diamond shaped rhinestones. We love these very versatile gems, as they can be used as another embellishment on a design, scatters (like confetti) for the table at weddings and other special events, or filler in a glass vase.

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