Blingology™ Store Policies


UPDATE 07/21/2023 – In order to keep up with the cost increases and continue providing some of the most competitive prices in this industry, we will no longer accept returns/exchanges.

If you have received damaged goods or the incorrect items in your order, we will either offer you a full refund or a replacement.  Determination will be made by our discretion. We will also provide postage or refund any postage costs you incur if the error was ours.  Damaged or faulty items must be reported within seven (7) days of receipt.

(* Spillage is not considered damaged. See SPILLAGE for additional information.)

NOTE: Please be aware colors may vary from one computer monitor to another and we do our best to provide images to capture the product details and colors. While many of our products are manufactured commercially, many of their features and details are done by hand.


Blingology™ makes every effort when picking customer orders to ensure packaging is sealed and secure before product(s) are packaged for shipping. While very infrequent, should you receive your order and it is discovered a product has spilled its contents inside the bubble mailer or box, we understand this can be very disappointing and an inconvenience. In general, this occurs due to how packages are handled by USPS. Unfortunately, we have no control of this, despite numerous requests to USPS to improve how packages are cared for before delivering to our customers.

In the event this happens with your order, we are very sorry about that. However, regardless of this incident, you are still receiving the product and quantity you ordered, even though we realize it will be troublesome recovering the spilled contents. Under these circumstances Blingology™ is not obligated to replace or refund for "spillage." 

In the event Spillage occurs and there is noticeable damage and/or an opening in the packing, you will need to contact USPS and begin the process of filing a claim. We recommend you take photos of the damaged packing, including where/how the package was delivered and received. For your convenience here is the link to USPS for claims:

File a Domestic Claim


A price adjustment is a refund on a purchased item(s), which goes on sale at a later time. We DO NOT process price adjustments for a promotion code that was not valid when an online order was placed. Price Adjustments are NOT available, at any time, on excluded merchandise.


We regret we can no longer combine orders. The reason is twofold. Firstly, in general, our order volume has notably increased. Moreover, on sale days we experience an even greater surge of orders received. With order processing our first priority, we do not always see a customer's request to combine until after their order has been picked and packed. When this occurs, the flow of getting out the orders is disrupted to stop and combine orders.

Secondly, while we appreciate saving on postage by combining orders, the fees we incur for Shopify to host our website are not reduced by combining orders. We are still required to pay the fees charged on the original orders.

Therefore, when we factor the loss of productive time coupled with fees, combining orders is no longer possible.