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2-6mm Rainbow Transparent AB Jelly Mixed Round Flat Back Loose Rhinestones #49 - 5000pcs

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Blingology’s hugely popular Pearl and/or Rhinestone Mixes, are certain to take the guesswork out of your next custom creation. No more eye strain from looking at a computer screen to select coordinating colors for your project. Not to mention combining different mediums, i.e. rhinestones, pearls, jellies, to give your design texture and dimension.

We have done the work for you. With already more than 100 different Mixes, albeit mixing different colors and sizes of pearls and rhinestones, or a single color of pearls or rhinestones, Blingology’s Mixes come in sizes ranging from 2mm to 10mm.The pearls and rhinestones in Blingology’s Mixes have flat backs. When embellishing your project, place pearls and/or rhinestones on the surface of your project using the “Scatter” pattern. For best results, use a strong liquid adhesive to ensure permanent adhesion to your design. Other suitable uses for Blingology’s Mixes:

  • Add to Slime (for older kids – keep out of reach of small children)
  • Great for adding to resin poured into molds
  • Use to decorate clay designs. We recommend using an air-dry clay. DO NOT BAKE

This listing is for one (1) pack of the following:

Size: 2-6mm
Color: Purple, Dark Aqua, Pink, Citrine, Medium Green, Champagne, Sapphire AB Transparent Jelly
Material: Resin
Shape: Round
Quantity: approx. 5000pcs

*NOTE: Because we source our gemstones in bulk bags by weight, then quantity, the actual number of pieces you will receive is a very close approximation.

***DISCLAIMER: Some stones are stuck together.  This is a result from the way which they were manufactured.  This can be remedied by rubbing the stones between 2 flat surfaces, between your fingers, using tweezers, and many other various tricks to break them apart. Once stones are apart, they are considered in perfect condition. (Not all stones in these packs are stuck together.) ALL SALES ARE FINAL for any item purchased in this listing.